Pride in My Students

February 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

I think the one thing I love almost as much as writing is teaching.  I have been blessed over the years to have the opportunity to do both, and I adore keeping up with my students after they’ve finished the course. They continue to amaze me.  One such fellow is a guy named Charlie.  

Charlie is amazing.  He makes me ashamed of myself sometimes.  He writes…a lot! And he actually submits his writing. And submits it.  And submits it again.  He’s great at keeping at it.(Unlike most of us who need time to lick our wounds a bit before we dare venture out again.)  Charlie doesn’t settle.  He doesn’t take rejection as final.  He puts on his waders and strides right back into the muck and mire.  And it will pay off…one day soon, I’ll read of a new bestseller written by Charlie, himself.  I just know it.

Check out his blog and let me know what you think…better still, let him know.  We all like a little encouragement along and along.

I have two other students I’m pushing to blog here at, both marvelous writers. .I’ll keep you posted.  

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