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 At the Book Festival last weekend, I worked for a bit at the SCWW table passing out information on our organization. Quite a few people stopped by to sign up for more info, which was and is wonderful. I hope they seek out a group that works for them. But I was shocked and dismayed by much of the “attitude” evidenced by some. By attitude, I mean, the downright paranoia and pretense some exhibited.

Two people stated outright that they hesitated joining a writing group because others might steal their story ideas. I mean, REALLY???? The writers I know are more creative than that!.

A few others wanted to know, “What level of writers are in your group?” They clearly felt “above” most of us. Granted, we may want and need to be in a more advanced group at times along the journey. I’ve felt and needed the same from time to time.) That is normal and perfectly fine, but SCWW is for the benefit of writers of ALL levels–at least that’s what I thought. And SCWW has enough chapters that surely a person can find one group that works well for his or her writing needs.

Other people who stopped by the table acted as if they needed no further help or study because they had already “published” a book, article, or whatever . A few of those had VERY long noses 🙂

Now, I admit, I’m a little OCD about writing and studying writing. You should see the sagging book shelves in my study–:( Admittedly, I am the eternal student. I believe we should ALWAYS keep learning if we are to IMPROVE our writing.

But more than that, I believe (and I certainly joined SCWW because it believes) in sharing and mentoring. I know I would never have published so quickly without the assistance and generosity of my mentors. And those who know me, know I work diligently at paying that assistance forward. In fact, I maintain that I always benefit from teaching or mentoring a writing workshop or student because my students invariably teach me as much or more than I teach them. But obviously, many people don’t feel that way. Very disappointing. 

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