Liberals in the South? Bless our hearts!

April 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

Review on The Quaker Café by Brenda Remmes

      Liberals in the South? Bless our hearts! We are oddities, but not as rare as many think. I could so relate to Maggie and Liz, and I’ve met the judge in person, and felt right at home as I dove into reading The Quaker Café.

     Who wouldn’t love a good mystery set in one of the most intriguing cultures of the world where past, present, and future breed and feed one upon the other to create a way of life both alien and familiar to all who dare live within its boundaries? Cedar Branch could represent any number of places below the Mason-Dixon, each and every one of them offering their own closely-related brand of politics, deference to family lineage, and even Big-Pig Teams.

     Ms. Remmes has created lots of love, laughter, and life (unlimited by geography) for readers near and far. I urge you to put up your feet, grab a glass of sweet tea, and while-away a weekend in the lives, mystery, and heartbreak of her characters from Cedar Branch.

     Oh, and grab a tissue, too. You’ll need it by the time you get to the lines “Walk in the light….Wherever you may be, darling, walk in the light.”


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